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Here are the solutions to common problems you may run into when using our web site. See also the Report Cards FAQ.

I have lost my VIS Member ID. How do I get it back?

First, please try our VIS Member ID Lookup. This usually works, unless you joined VIS within the past 30 days and have not yet been added to the list of current members the ID Lookup utility uses.

If the ID Lookup utility does not work for you and you believe you are a current member (i.e. you joined within the past 12 months), click here and follow the instructions.

I just purchased a membership through PayPal and did not get my VIS Member ID.

Most likely you forgot to click the Continue or Return to Merchant button at the end of your PayPal transaction as instructed on our Membership & Payment Selection page.  Request a new ID.

I have my VIS Member ID, but it does not work.

If the VIS Member ID does not work the first time you try to use it, make sure you enter it correctly. For Basic Memberships, be sure to spell the middle part of the ID as 'MBI' with I (as in Ireland) at the end, NOT 1 (the digit). 

My VIS Member ID expired.

Your VIS Member ID expires one (1) year after the purchase date of your VIS membership. To continue using VIS services, you must obtain a new VIS Member ID by renewing your membership.

Information on your site is incorrect or missing.

We want to know. Please tell us what's wrong!

To contact us for any other reason, send a message to support (at)