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PayPal or Credit Cards If paying with a credit card, be sure to click the “Return to Voter Information Services” link on the PayPal “Thanks for your order” page to get your VIS Member ID (the password to our web site).

If paying with PayPal, the VIS Member ID is shown automatically after you submit your payment.

Donations to VIS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. VIS membership fees are not tax-deductible.

VIS Membership
(1 Year)
Basic Membership$3.65   
Basic Membership + $5.00 Donation$8.65   
Basic Membership + $10.00 Donation$13.65   
Professional Membership$7.50   
Professional Membership + $5.00 Donation$12.50   
Professional Membership + $10.00 Donation$17.50   
Professional Membership + $20.00 Donation$27.50   
Educational Membership #1 (up to 10 students)$10.00   
Educational Membership #2 (11 to 16 students)$15.00   
Educational Membership #3 (17 or more students)$20.00