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The following provider-specific statements apply to the legislation descriptions we publish in our Congressional Report Cards:

Copyright © 2000 American Civil Liberties Union. Reprinted with permission of American Civil Liberties Union 

Family Research Council
For more information contact the group at 801 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, (800) 225-4008,

Friends Committee on National Legislation (
Reprinted from the Washington Newsletter published by the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Network (
Reprinted from Network, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, 801 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Suite 460, Washington, DC 20003. For membership information, call 202-547-5556 ext. 10.

The Sierra Club (
Copyright © 2000 Sierra Club. All Rights Reserved.

Reprinted from UAW Online, a service of the International Union, UAW at