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Become VIS Information Provider

Do you know something about legislation considered by the U.S. Congress that would (or should) be of interest to your fellow-Americans? If you do, we invite you to work with us to make individual Congress members more accountable to those who elect them by providing us with input for our Congressional Report Cards.

VIS understands the importance of the providers’ contribution and will share VIS membership fees and other revenue with them.

You can become a VIS Information Provider if

  1. You are the owner of the copyright (author or publisher) of the legislative research results that you would provide us with, or you are an authorized representative of the copyright owner.
  2. You are not covered by #1 above, but you have access to published results of legislative research performed and published by somebody else. Even if the research results are copyrighted, we can still publish them under the Fair Use law as a public service.

Information Requirements

We expect a provider to provide an explanation of the legislation and to identify the actions (roll call votes or co-sponsorship) Congress members could have taken to pass or defeat the legislation.

Legislation Explanation

An explanation of a piece of legislation that Congress either took one or more recorded (roll call) votes on or that has a number of Congress members on record as official co-sponsors. The explanation should include

  1. Title (20 words max.)
  2. Description (500 words max.). Ideally the description should explain why this is “good” or “bad” legislation in terms of its effects on our lives.
  3. Description copyright owner name and contact.
  4. Provider name and contact.
  5. Provider’s relationship with copyright owner.

Roll Call Vote Actions

For roll call votes considered important for passage or defeat of the legislation, provide

  1. Year of the vote,
  2. Chamber of Congress voting (House or Senate),
  3. Roll call number of the vote,
  4. Description author’s preferred vote (Y = Yea; N = Nay).
  5. Weight of the vote: 2 for votes considered more important than others, otherwise 1.

Co-sponsorship Action

For co-sponsorship of legislation, provide

  1. Session of Congress during which the legislation was introduced (e.g. 113th),
  2. Chamber of Congress in which the legislation was introduced (House or Senate).
  3. Legislation number (e.g. H.R. 232 or S.J.Res.253).
  4. Description author’s preferred co-sponsorship status (Y = cosponsored; N = not cosponsored).
  5. Weight of the co-sponsorship: 2 for legislations considered very important, otherwise 1.

VIS reserves the right to not publish any content that we, at our sole discretion, deem to be incompatible with our mission and goals, not meeting our editorial guidelines, or to be in violation of applicable laws.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

This information is subject to change and was last updated on July 1, 2015.