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Since 1995, our Report Cards have provided information for evaluating United States Congress members on the most important, and often under-reported, part of their job: making "good" laws. Recently-requested Report Cards.

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How to interpret a Report Card. See also Report Cards FAQs.

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The providers do the hard work. They analyze the legislation considered by Congress. We make the results of their analysis available in the Report Cards. Do you know something about the legislation enacted (or not enacted) by Congress that you would want other interested citizens to know? Become a VIS Information Provider.

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A free tool allows you to get to know our information providers by comparing your position on legislation with theirs.

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On "free" web sites, you are the product being sold to the highest bidder. We don’t want to do that. We also do not want a large "sponsor" to tell us what we may or may not publish. Instead we ask the Report Cards users to support our work by buying a one-year VIS membership for $3.65 (that's one US cent a day).

Top six members of Congress popular recently. Top six information providers popular recently.